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Edinburgh’s Ceilidh Culture

Ceilidh’s are becoming increasingly popular, particularly with visitors, They are an informal way to connect with th traditional music and dance of scotland as well as an opportunity to meet and interact with real Scots as well as other people from all over the world.

The Ceilidh ‘kaylee’ has its origins in Highland culture as do many thing that people regard as quintessentially Scottish, bagpipes and the kilt among them.The definition of ‘ceilidh’, according to Chambers dictionary is’ an informal evening of song and story’ however most people in the South of Scotland now regard a ceilidh as an evening traditional music and dance with a live celidh band. Many of the participants are kilted and an evening of energetic fun is to be had by all, aided by the odd dram, of course.

The ninth Ceilidh Culture festival will be held between 25 March and 16 April and details of what’s on can be foungd by going to There is also a link on my links page to find out what is on at other times of the year.

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