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The Friendliest Ever Viking Raid

The initial E mail said ‘ We are 10 happy Norwegian Women (40ish) and looking to have a fun day with you.’ Gosh I thought, I wonder how much I’ll have to pay to join in?

Well, from the moment of meeting the Valkyries, an instant rapport was established and many Viking hugs given. The weather was perfect and so was the company. We laughed and had so much fun together for the next 6 or so hours, taking in the old and new towns and intermingling history and anecdote with moments of sheer craziness and a superb lunch at the Guildford Arms.

Its always a thrill for me to see first time visitors fall in love with Edinburgh and these were no exception. There are of course many historical links between scotland and Scandinavia, not just historical but cultural as well, wtth many Norwegian words cropping up in Scots dialect.

The moment of parting was difficult for me as we had become so well bonded and I now, of course have new Facebook friends in Norway and an invitation to visit there some day.

To Karina, who’s birthday it was, I hope I made it memorable for you. You and your super friends certainly made it a memorable day for me.

Slainthe mbath

Bill X (times 8)

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