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Our clients are often delighted to see that we wear the kilt. Strangely, I’d say, in my experience, there are probably only around 5% of the guides in Scotland who wear the kilt regularly and that surprises many visitors to Scotland.

Nowadays kilts can be had very cheaply indeed from bargain stores in Edinburgh, but they couldn’t be expected to last any time at all with regular wear. A good kilt outfit which you could use daily would probably set you back $1,000. Many of our colleagues are not so committed.

But this experience is about you. We love to put the kilt on anyway, but the way it makes YOU feel? That’s the reason we do it. We are superstar guides, because you deserve to travel with the best. We want each moment we spend together to exceed your expectations in every imaginable way.

Introducing Bill

Bill Hill

Bill has over 40 years experience of entertaining the public. He has written some of the funniest songs to have come out of Scotland. Read more

Introducing Cammy

Cammy Goodall

Cammy is not any old guide! He continues to surprise with his ability to make amazing memories. Read more