Cancellations Policy

Any cancellation you wish to make should be initiated by telephone to +44 7963 023753 or by email to Please do not trust to other methods such as Facebook, Twitter or conventional (snail) mail as these methods are not monitored as closely. We will acknowledge your cancellation by email.

In most cases you will be eligible to receive a full or partial refund depending upon:

  • your cancellation reason;
  • how much notice we receive of your changing plans;
  • the effort and resources already expended in creating a bespoke experience for you;
  • any unrecoverable charges made by third-party suppliers. is not responsible for incidental expenses incurred by you as a result of the purchase of your tour such as visas, vaccinations, non-refundable flights or loss of enjoyment through ill-health, etc.

Feel free to contact us if you need to discuss any aspect of our cancellation policy.

Standard Cancellation Policy

If a catastrophic event (Force Majeure) should prevent completion of your tour, will refund the full amount you have paid for your tour to a limit of £1000 GBP. If you have paid more than £1000 for your tour, will refund the amount you have paid less any non-recoverable out-of-pocket costs your Tour Guide has incurred on your behalf, such as car rentals, admissions, hotel reservations, tickets etc. We may require you to provide verification to confirm that you were unable to take your tour if you request a refund under this provision.

The determination of what constitutes ‘Force Majeure’ is at the discretion of however it is taken to include events of an impersonal nature such as war, civil insurrection, strikes, extreme weather, volcanoes, earthquake or natural disaster that makes it dangerous or impossible to safely undertake the tour. Any travel warning issued by Her Majesty’s Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs AFTER you book your tour which makes your safe passage impossible invokes ‘Force Majeure’. Scotland is an extremely stable country, both politically and in terms of its geology and weather fronts: it is most unlikely that Force Majeure would play a factor in travel plans within the UK. If you are on a ship and it is unable to dock for whatever reason, you are covered under this ‘Force Majeure’ provision.

For cancellation due to any other reasons (such as illness within your party, change of personal circumstances), the date on which the request to cancel is received by will determine the refund due as follows:

If you cancel 30 days or more before the start of the tour there will be no cancellation fee. We will refund the amount paid less any non-recoverable upfront costs incurred by the Tour Guide on your behalf as laid out above. Please send a message to to find out what, if any, these costs are.

If you cancel 29 to 14 days before the start of the tour a 20% cancellation fee will be payable. If you have paid for your tour in full, we will issue a refund of 80%. If you paid only a deposit we will refund only the amount paid in excess of 20% of the tour price.

If you cancel less than 14 days before the start of the tour: 100% cancellation fee.

Should ill-health on the behalf of your chosen Tour Guide make it impossible for him/her to tour, shall do their very best to find you an equally affable and knowledgable replacement. In very extreme cases, the Tour Guide may cancel a tour due to catastrophic weather or similar circumstance. In the event that the Tour Guide cancels the tour, you may choose between a rescheduling of the tour, a full refund of all monies paid OR a credit towards an alternative tour. If you choose to accept a credit, the difference in the cost of the alternative tour will be refunded or paid by you as applicable.

24 HOUR ANY REASON cancellation option

For 10% of the tour cost, payable at time of booking, a ’24 HOUR ANY REASON’ cancellation option is available. If you choose to purchase this option, we will refund you the full amount you pay for your tour, provided you notify us of cancellation 24 hours or more before the start of your tour.

If you cancel less than 24 hours before the tour’s start time, the Standard Cancellation Policy above applies.

If you do not make use of this cancellation option, we will refund 50% of its value, cash, on completion of the tour, or alternatively at your discretion issue a voucher equal to the full amount you paid for it valid for ten years in the name of the client or any other participant in the original tour.

Finally, our rates carry a full, no quibble guarantee that if you complete your tour and find that you are less than delighted with in any aspect of the service you have received at our hands, you will be refunded the amount paid less any non-recoverable upfront costs incurred by the Tour Guide on your behalf as laid out above. are entirely confident that you will be overjoyed with the experiences we will share with you but whilst we will always advise against any experiences which we feel would fall short of our high expectations of customer-care, cannot be held responsible for customer disappointment at the hands of attractions we may visit together, or which your Tour Guide may direct you towards.