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Cruising Around Scotland’s Coast

Its that time of year when people are booking cruises and wondering what they can do at each port of call. Many cruise companies offer coach excursions to surrounding areas with onboard guides. Many passengers though wish a more hands on experience with a local guide on a walking or small vehicle tour.

Edinburgh poses a small difficulty in that, until the deepening of the Western Harbour is carried out, cruise ships have to anchor in the Firth of Forth at South Queensferry, which is a little way out of the town. Passengers are ferried ashore in tenders and the process takes some time. Those who have booked coach tours receive first priority for landing so the process can be a lengthy one and the time to see the sights of Edinburgh is thereby limited.

Public transport is also a little way away from the landing point, indeed the railway station is up a very steep hill. Pre-booked taxis also have the drawback of having the meter running for the time it takes to disembark the person who booked it.

I occasionally work for and sometimes in partnership with, Creative Travel Connections, who provide excellent travel solutions in excellent vehicles with friendly and courteous drivers. Not only can they solve your problems for when you arrive in Edinburgh but can do this for all your Scottish and Irish ports of call, they can also provide local guides. The benefits of going down this path are that you have your travel needs looked after in one go and that you will be getting guides who have been tried and tested by a reputable company with a reputation for excellent customer care.

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