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Bill Hill’s Police Record


Maureen and meself were gutted to have missed you at the pub quiz last Thursday. Hopefully it’ll not be too long before we can go again.
I’ve listened to your CD several times and I want to congratulate you on it. It’s in the finest tradition of Scottish working-class bawdiness — Lex McLean himself would have been proud of you. But where Sexy Lexy was at times merely coarse, your perfomance, because it is so clever and witty, never strays into the realms of gratuitous crudity. Your rendition of the Portree Kid is far superior to the Corries version and is, as I’ve said many times, a work of genius.
Mind you, to paraphrase from the Lady Chatterley trial, I wouldn’t want my wife or my servants to hear this CD.
Maureen hasn’t heard it yet because I snaffled it to listen to in my study. I dare say she’ll demand a listen of it in due course and I’ll be horrified that an ex-Girl Guides captain would understand any of it. The butler, the footman and the upstairs maid will have to buy their own, however.

Haud forrit,

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