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Having fun with the Hoosiers

The greater part of last week was spent with Nikki Broady and her grandson, Jack, both from Indiana in the US. Nikki is a glam gran and has a warm, generous nature, a great sense of humour and a killer smile, Jack is eleven year old and could talk for America!

In order to give Jack some company and Nikki some respite, I had enlisted the aid of a neighbour’s kid, Lloyd, to be with us. We did 2 Walking tours taking in the Old Town on the first Day and the New Town on the third. I watched as Nikki was overcome by auld Reekie and fell victim to its wow factor. Jack and Lloyd got on really well; and did what boys of that age do, they became friends for life. Nikki and I also became close friends and that evening we had pizza at Zizzi.

On the second day we Were joined By Eric, our driver from Creative Travel Connections and had a drive through the Borders and went first to Scott’s View and to Melrose Abbey, enjoying this stunning part of Scotland along the way. We then drove East to the charming fishing village of Eyemouth where the boys had the thrill of feeding Lady, the blind seal which hangs around the harbour living off the scraps from the seafood stall on the harbour wall. Back to Edinburgh by the East Lothian Coastal Trail And with the sea having focused us on a seafood dinner, fish and chips at the Tailend. Many thanks to Eric, who helped make the day so special.

Nikki had asked for Jack to get to hear traditional Scottish music. Difficult because it usually happens in pubs and kids aren’t allowed in. So I booked us into Jamie’s Scottish evening at the Thistle Hotel. King James Centre A great night thoroughly enjoyed by all, especially the boys. Best of all, the Host of the show, my friend Bill Torrance had arranged for complimentary tickets for us.

I like to get close to the friends who go on tour with me and I certainly felt that I had been in the company of friends during that week. Nikki and Jack, haste ye back!!


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