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Going the extra mile

Yesterday I joined a coachload of young American Soccer players from Lycoming College, Philadelphia Pa. It was a simple, panoramic tour of the old town with a lovely bunch of young and enthusiastic American students and along the way we had a photostop.

Well, its a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it!

The tour was to end at the Castle and they were all excited to visit. Unfortunately, the entry voucher had been misplaced, so I went with Joseph, the Women’s Coach to the Ticket Office to try to get something done to solve the problem. The staff there bent over backwards to try to help but a combination of circumstances, Including trying to get the tour company to repurchase the tickets on credit card via telephone, the problem remained. The client must come first in a situation like this and I did not want to see these lovely young people disappointed, or to have the certain complaints which would arise, to the company which employed me as a guide, so I bought the tickets using my credit card. The really good thing about the experience was that the visitors saw the Scots cooperating in going the extra mile.

Thanks, Joseph for the wonderful picture. I hope the results went for you and that you have a safe trip home.



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