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Fun times with Rand and Scott

Fun times with Rand and Scott

Had a phenomenal time over two days spent in lovely company with a great couple from Chicago, Rand and Scott. These were guys who had really done their homework and laid out an itinerary in minute detail, booking all their dining ahead of time from out of town – super organised!

Knowing what they wanted, they had booked me through the lovely Viki at The Chester Residence (one of our favourite accommodations in town) for two half days on the morning of the 19th and afternoon of the 20th December. I picked them up from their hotel on the Monday morning and we toured the West End of the New Town and the top half of the Old Town, before storming the castle in time for the One O’Clock Gun. They managed to cram the whole castle into a 40 minute visit and still be on time for their lunch reservation at The Dome, always gorgeous, but amazing during the Holiday Season.

They’d planned to climb Arthur’s Seat on the Tuesday morning, but I fear the lure of Usqubae proved to great and they slept in! Never mind – they still managed to meet me at the Palace Tearooms for 1 O’Clock and we had a lovely visit there before sauntering up the Canongate for Mulled Wine at No1 High Street.

Bon Vacances, mes amies x

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