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Fun with the Flying Dutchmen

Saturday saw a return to clear, dry weather and I met my party of 8 Dutch members of the Round Table of the Netherlands. We had a fine Breakfast in the Rutland Hotel before setting off. In one of my previous existences, as a professional entertainer I had lots of bookings from branches of The Round Table. They were always rollicking affairs involving young men out to enjoy themselves. In fact it was Round Tablers who introduced me to the hilarious McGonagall suppers. From the word go the craic and laughter were unremitting.

We set off through the Grassmarket to the Castle and then took route 1 to the Guildford Arms for a great lung and the first drinks of the day. To my delight, the lovely Aston, was duty waitress in the Gallery Restaurant. She’s a pretty Cockney with a great personality. She was the perfect person to attend to the needs of my Dutch friends. The craic and laughter went on and Aston played her part to the full.

After lunch, we resumed the tour of the Royal Mile with a stop at the Royal MacGregor where some of the group enjoyed a bit of Malt Whisky tasting. Resuming the tour I showed the guys where to get decent quality (not tat) Scottish goods.

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