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Tony and Jessica

I’ve posted about this wonderful couple before. They were with me last year and I bumped into them the next day at the Wallace Monument. They are coming back to Scotland to be Married in the summer and I have been invited to their wedding at Cringletie House in Peebles.

Anyway, they decided to come to Scotland to tie up some details and wanted to be with me to see in the New year. Thanks to by best pal, Cammy I managed to get us into the Officers Mess at the Castle to enjoy a ceilidh and see in the new year with champagne and the wonderful spectacle of the fireworks.

Tony hired a kilt outfit for the evening and wore it well and with pride.

Later, I gave Jessica a private tour of the Castle and was asked to go back inside by one of the men in charge of the fireworks, but not before he had taken a picture of us. No wonder I’m smiling, is she not gorgeous?

Next day I had them over for some home cooking and did something clever with pasta.

A truly memorable time with the loveliest and loved up couple imaginable. I’m so looking forward to the wedding.

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