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On The Bridal Path With Jessica and Tony

In 2009, I spent a day with Jessica and Tony, who were in Scotland to visit relations in Peebles. The trip, as I recall it was also to celebrate their engagement. Its always a great thrill to meet again, friends that I have worked with before. So imasgine my delight to get a message from Tony to say he and Jessica will be back in Scotland with 25 of their friends, to get married in Peebles next July. To agree to be their guide again with their friends was an easy decision, as was the decision to make the tour my wedding present to them.

So next July, I’ll be a guest at their wedding in Cringletie House, Peebles, and will give the group a tour of Edinburgh on one day and a tour of the Scottish Borders 2 days later. I can’t wait to see the American reaction to a Scottish wedding.

Slainthe Mbath.

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