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The Extremely Orderly Stag Weekend

I was with a group of mixed nationalities on Saturday, late 30s to early 40s, all professional people and all friends from their student days at Cambridge. Thomas, the Bridegroom, had had a suitcase shoved into his hand earlier and by early Saturday morning was in Edinburgh. A total and simply wonderful surprise.

I met them in the Elephant House, famous for being one of 2 local cafes in which JK Rowling wrote the first Harry Potter story. They were all tucking into the Traditional Scottish Breakfast and were amused when I gave it its alternative name ‘A heart Attack On A Plate’
Time limitations meant that not much distance was covered but because of the mix of the nationalitries I had a great time making links between their respective countries and mine. For the Swiss, the Reformation of the Church, For the Canadian,there were so many links to make, for the Germans, the links between our royal families. All in all it was a hugely stimulating experience for me and I hope for them.

Lunch was taken in the excellent Guildford Arms where we were served by a truly lovely and charming Polish waitress, who speaks English with a Scottish accent and who has that special quality which guarantees superb customer care, a love of people.

I am sorry, gentlemen that we did not have more time together but I’m sure at least some of us will meet again. Thomas I wish you and your wife a long and verry hapy life together

Slainth mbath


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