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The Laws of Attraction

My first wife, and still one of my closest friends, Jean, introduced me to this concept which isn’t too far away from Bhuddism. Basically if you think good things, good things will come into your life. A number of good things have come into my life recently and as a result I have been in a very positive frame of mind.

Sharing a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon in the Cafe Royal 2 days ago with my web designer, the lovely Jackie, we were discussing ideas for improving this website and some of these are now incorporated. Jackie, who is always so supportive and positive said that the next big break would be when an international celebrity booked a tour with me. She Suggested Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas. Me? I’d just settle for Catherine!

Anyway, no sooner had the words been uttered when my phone ring tone made everybody in the pub turn round (The pipe tune ‘Crossing the Minch’ does it every time). I went outside to answer the call and it was Andrew, a partner in Luxury Vacations UK who arrange luxury tours for discerning clients and are one of my major employers. He had a booking for me next month for a walking tour for 2 American ladies. One of these ladies is Karin Slaughter, the celebrated and world famous American crime writer. Spooky or what? Bill

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