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Travels in the Trossachs

I spent 2 days in the fine company of teachers and students from the Kandinsky School in the Netherlands. I was working for Senlac Tours for the first time and what a great experience it was. Day one was a tour to the Trossachs in the biggest coach I have ever seen, driven by Ivo, a fantastic guy to work with. The weather was superb, albeit with a cold wind. We visited Kilmahog Woollen Mill and I introduced them to Hamish.

We were accompanied, thanks to the lovely Nicolette from Senlac by Heidi and Miriam, the 2 Swiss girls who were stranded in Scotland as a result of the volcanic eruption in Iceland. The Trossachs is a fantastic area to visit if you have limited time, its like the Highlands in microcosm.

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