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Canucks in the Canongate

My younger daughter, Lindsay is studying to be a teacher at Strathclyde University (my old alma mater) and shares halls with a lovely Canadian girl called Amelia, who plays Rugby. Well, whatever floats your boat! Amelia’s parents, Mike and Sherry visited Edinburgh and Lindsay asked me to give them a tour. What a super day it was with clear skies but a biting westerly wind.

Mike is of German origins but is very keen on Scotland and well aware of the part played in the history of Canada by immigrant Scots. So the debate was lively and stimulating. Sherry describes herself as a ‘real mongerel’, having various European nations in her background. Having the girls along too was a great treat and Lindsay got to see her dad in action as a guide. Mike is also a fan of the World’s worst poet, William Topaze MacGonagall and enjoyed visiting his grave. All in all a fine day ending sublimely with a farewell dram in the Guildford Arms. Later Mike and Sherry treated us to dinner in Ghillie Dhu. Thanks Mike and Sherry and I hope your perambulations around the cemetries of Europe go well.;-))

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