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Misplaced Swiss misses (one was a mrs actually)

A few months ago I befriended Heidi from Switzerland on a social networking site called ‘Our Scotland. We corresponded several times and when I heard she was coming to Edinburgh, I offered to take her around. In the event, she came with her young friend, Miriam. We spent a super day together, followed by a meal in the Kebab Mahal, which they both liked despite the fact that Miriam had never tasted Indian food before. We then went on to listen to some traditional music. It was the day that we got the news of the volcanic eruption in Iceland and the chaos that this had caused in terms of air traffic. I was working next day so the girls were left to their own devices. They were supposed to leave on the Sunday but the air traffic problem was still there and was likely to remain so for a while. Heidi was upset she could not get back to her husband and children but there was nothing which could be done.

Next day I had a day off so I took them to the Scottish Borders, the country of my birth. and we delighted in the rolling hills, streams and lakes as well as visiting the Border abbeys. That night we had a pub meal in my local. Next day they used my washing machine as they had not brought enough essential clothing (knickers etc.) with them and in the afternoon I took them around East Lothian to see the coastal scenery and we haz pizzas at Zizzi at night.

For the next 2 days I was working with students from Kandynsky college in the Netherlands and thanks to the lovely Nocolette at Senlac Tours, the girls were allowed to join me on a coach tour through the Trossachs. A super day with beautiful weather in one of the most stunning parts of Scotland. That night I cooked them Haggis neeps and tatties, recited the ‘Address to a Haggis’ and we dined on traditional Scottish fare.

Last night we had a farewell fish and chip supper in the Tailend and I got a farewell gift of a T shirt with ‘Super Scot’ on It then we went to hear some Traditional music. Today the girls got back home, amazed by the hospitalit and support everyone had shown them. Heidi, a Scotophile, well read, knowledgeable and Stimulating. Miriam, great fun and with a killer smile,. Both highly intelligent. It was a pleasure to be in your company and I’d do it all over again. Haste ye back XX.

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