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Cammy Goodall

Introducing Cammy

Cammy is not any old guide! He continues to surprise with his ability to make amazing memories.

Cammy knows better than most the value of your time. You may only visit our wonderful country once and he believes it his duty and honour to ensure that your every need and whim is anticipated whilst in his care. Having been on holidays where people complain endlessly about the quality of this and that – not without reason the last thing he wants on his conscience is costing good people hard-earned cash for a mediocre experience; he’s too much a people-pleaser to let that happen.

It’s his personal guarantee that he’ll be there for you whenever you need assistance throughout your stay, so long as it is not to the detriment of your fellow holiday-goers. Since he never bites off more than he can chew there’ll always be time in his schedule to deal with your queries, be they ever so small. No-one knows exactly what they’re after 100% of the time, so he can help with a range of products ready for you to tailor as you see fit, but he’s also very happy to build a completely bespoke experience around you.

You could scarce imagine anyone more passionate about Edinburgh and Scotland; in fact Cammy likes to see himself as the country’s concierge. Friendships are valuable; and his most prized possession, his vast contacts book will open doors to you which no other guide can.

Cammy Goodall

What’s he done with his life?

Having served in Her Majesty’s Forces as a musician and entertainer, Cammy has enjoyed many wonderful opportunities to travel himself, to places as diverse as Berlin, the United States and Canada, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Malaysia, Cyprus, South Africa and on active service in Northern Ireland, Kosovo and to Kuwait and Iraq during the conflict in 2003. The skills gained in a career spanning 24 years will make your holiday in Scotland the smoothest you will ever experience.

Cammy is popularly regarded as his generation’s greatest interpreter of Scotland’s National Bard, Robert Burns, both in song and spoken word and is a fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland.