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Bill Hill

Introducing Bill

Bill Hill comes from the Scottish Borders and resides in Edinburgh. He has over 40 years experience of entertaining the public. He is a retired local government officer and worked in the field of education.

Bill is an original and has written some of the funniest songs to have come out of Scotland. Backed with sharp incisive and hilarious comment, Bill was one of the country’s most sought after performers on the Scottish scene. Songs like The Portree Kid, The Scottish Holiday and The Sunday Driver became standard items in the repertoire of The Corries and other songs found their way into the acts of many artistes performing on the folk scene; Bill Barclay, Hamish Imlach and Alastair Macdonald, to name a few.

In the 70s and 80s, Bill presented and wrote humourous songs for Radio Forth and some of these found their way into publications such as Punch, one was included in Jocky Wilson’s Own Story and one was performed on the Beechgrove Garden. He has appeared on many TV and radio programmes and has made four albums.

Bill Hill

More about Bill’s music …

Bill retired from the circuit due to family commitments and is still missed, although his songs are still performed all over the world.

A day spent on a guided tour of Edinburgh with Bill is sure to be an entertaining, informative and above all amusing experience. In addition to his experience of entertainment and education, he has a wealth of knowledge about Edinburgh, its history, the history of Scotland, and how this links to the rest of the world.

From your first enquiry, Bill will open up correspondence with you by email to find out about you or your party, its interests and what you would most wish to do. He will be your eyes and ears in Edinburgh in the lead up to your visit and will make things happen for you, advising you all along the way, without taking away any of the fun involved in planning your own trip; so that your guided Edinburgh tour is fully customised to meet your needs and wishes.