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Poissons et Frites avec mes amis Francais

Bet you’re impressed eh? A lovely second day was had with my French friends on the trip to St Andrews. I suggested the coastal route through the East Neuk (corner) of Fife and we enjoyed this beautiful part of this beautiful country to the strains of the Red Hot Chiili PIPERS and Ally Bain and Phil Cunningham. Everybody, kids and teachers, wanted to have fish and chips for lunch and there is only one place to get them in this part of Fife, The Anstruther Fish and Chip Bar. I didn’t have the number to call ahead and warn them that they would need to find fish suppers for 51 people, but it didn’t matter. We arrived and as usual the place was packed with a queue out into the street. But when we got to the front and asked if they could do the order, they said ‘no problem’ and completed the order within half an hour – very impressive! We sat around the harbour to the sounds of delight coming from people from a country noted for its Haute Cuisine who were enjoying this simplest of Scottish delicacies. Result!

On to St Andrews and a session at the Eden Links Golf Academy for an introduction to Golf. A super day out for the kids and later The teachers and I met for drinks and music provided by Graeme E Pearson in the Mitre Bar on the Royal Mile. At that time of night it is unspoiled by all the foreign junk hanging from the facades of the abominable tat shops. (Sorry but their vandalism of this beautiful street makes my blood boil)

Fond farewells to people who I know will be friends for life. Save journey home, mes amis. Bill.

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