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Bill’s and Cammy’s Discography

Bill is an original and has written some of the funniest songs to have come out of Scotland. Backed with sharp incisive and hilarious comment, Bill was one of the country’s most sought after performers on the Scottish scene. In the 70s and 80s, Bill presented and wrote humorous songs for Radio Forth and some of these found their way into publications such as Punch, one was included in Jocky Wilson’s Own Story and one was performed on the Beechgrove Garden. He has appeared on many TV and radio programmes and has made four albums.

Cammy’s whole life has been peppered with music.  At the stupid age of 16, he packed his troubles in a kit bag and joined the world-renowned Black Watch as an entertainer: you might say he was a musician, if you viewed percussion kindly. The army took him to most corners of the globe, since it’s spherical properties are still incomprehensible to a soldier. In a desperate attempt to sound like a real performer, he grasped opportunities to play and sing at the White House, Hong Kong’s handover ceremony, Madison Square Gardens and Red Square.


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