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Trusty Deputies

During this summer, I’ve had to pass on jobs which I’ve been too busy to take on. Usually I use Cammy but Tattoo duties keep him busy in August. I asked my good friend, Charlie Milne to take on on for me and I’m delighted that he in turn delighted my clients. Here’s what they had to say

“Bill, I said I’d get back to you about our experience with Charlie Milne. In one word, he was “fabulous”! He was professional, friendly, knowledgeable, interesting and loved his city. I feel very fortunate that he was our guide in Edinburgh. Do not hesitate to send him business in the future!

I would have emailed you sooner (I had calendared a reminder), but we’ve been in France at a language immersion school since we left England and we’ve been really busy.

As a matter of fact, we loved every guide we had. That was probably the single biggest gift I could have given my grandsons, the private guide.

When I get home I am going to give each one a big plug on Tripadvisor – and I will also write about how helpful you were when you had not been available. Many thanks! This trip undoubtedly changed my grandsons for life. There is no experience like traveling to change one’s perception of the world we each inhabit for such a short time!”

Well done, Chas 😉

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