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California here I come

Yesterday was spent in the company of Stephen and Cathy Smith from Los Angeles California. They had the laid back courtesy that I have come to expect of California and and they were very game for a laugh. The weather was cool and very good for walking in, especially in full highland dress.

The atmosphere in the town was incredible and lots of happy people were making the most of it. We walked a prodigious distance with breaks for an excellent lunch at the Guildford Arms where both tried some haggis and enjoyed it. We had a farewell drink at the Royal Macgregor and sat outside to do some people watching.

I always enjoy being with my friends (clients) but I can see a very special friendship developing between us and a visit to California to see them is very much on my wish list. Enjoy the Tattoo tonight and maybe you’ll get a wee surprise.

Haste ye back, my friends

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