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The Enchanting Flautist

Earlier this year, I was at a Burns supper and found myself sitting beside a charming and elegant Italian lady called Luisa. We shared warm conversation and during this I learned that she was a concert flautist. She said she would like me to come and hear her play when next she was in Edinburgh . I was out of town the next time she visited, but a few days ago I received a text message asking me to go to hear her the next night and she had left 2 complimentary tickets. I duly attended and was captivated by her virtuosity and stage presence. No Wonder! Luisa Sello is a World accclaimed international star in her field and so much more.

I spoke to her afterwards and offered to take her for a tour the following Sunday. We took in the Castle and various points between there and the Palace. She again proved to be delightful company. Eager to know appreciative and positive and took ever so many photographs along the way she also gave me an insight into her World and the investment she has to put in to remain at the top. That night she would be putting in 5 hours practicing her flute. It also emerged she is carrying out research on Robert Burns. She will be back nexr January and I’ll take her for a tour of the places frequented by Burns. I can’t wait.

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