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My Introduction To Lemoncello

Deb and I finally arrived home yesterday and awoke this morning to a fog bank the likes only seen in Scotland!
It brought smiles to our faces remembering the nice visit with had with you and to your lovely country.

Thank you again for you expert conversation as we walked the Royal Mile, partaked in serious Scotch and enjoyed some Italian treats at Al Dentes. We were very pleased to have introduced you to one of our favorite after dinner drinks, Limoncello. We often enjoy some after a dinner with friends while sitting around an outdoor fire in the spring and fall. (which is similar to your summer weather)

We did pass your information on to a couple of Aussie women who were due to arrive Edinburgh this past Saturday. Hope they looked you up.

If you are once again planning a visit to the states, we would be more than happy to show you our side of the pond, at least the NJ & NY pieces.

Please stay in touch,


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