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Met vriendelijke groet,

Larry and Annet. I knew from Larry’s first enquiry and our subsequent correspondence that we were going to have a fun time, and so it proved to be.

I met them at their hotel which is close to my home and the connection was instant. We took the service bus to the West End and set off on my usual route for a half day tour. There was a fair amount of ice on the pavements but they were well clad and shod. Through the Grassmarket with its tales of bodysnatchere, hangings and riots, up the beautifol Victoria Street and on to the Grefriars Kirkyard to pay Bobby a visit. On to the Caastle which was restricted b the amount of ice in certain areas. It was cold but beautiful in the winter sun and my two first time friends were falling in love at first sight with this magical place. From there it was down the Royal Mile with its hidden closes and secret placeas and tales both funny and gory. A wee stop at the Royal McGregor acgregor along the way for coffe and a chat with James, the proprietor.

Larry is a keen photographer and so I spent a lot of time with Annet waiting for him. It was as you may see, no hardship and I learned that beauty can be so much more than Skin deep.

We finished the tour at the Guildford Arms for a farewell beer.

I always try to make my friends feel at the end of a tour that they have been taken tound his home town, not by a guide, but a friend and I think this worked out just that way, as we later had dinner together in my local restaurant, Tusitala.

I’ll go to Holland to visit next year and they will come to Scotland again for a longer stay. I cant wait!!

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