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Frolics With Friendly Vikings

On Tuesday evening I met Sara Karte and her party from the Swedish Trade Council for a short, pre-dinner walk. When it was suggested by one of the guys that we start with a beer, I knew that this was to be very much of a pleasure trip and so it proved.

From the Frederick House Hotel we headed for the Grassmarket and stopped for drinks in the White Hart Inn, which was founded in 1517 and has had such famoue patrons as Robert Burns, Sir Walter Scott, William and Dorothy Wordsworth and the infamous murderers, Burke and Hare.

From there up Victoria Street through the Lawnmarket to the Castle, where I was stopped in full flow by an official who told me we shouldn’t be on the esplanade because there was a private function on. Obviously so private they didn’t want to draw attention to it by putting up a sign, ho hum. A very interactive wander through some of the closes of the Royal Mile and down the Mound to the Oloroso restaurant.

Great fun with lots of laughs and a group who fell in love with Edinburgh at first sight. I hope you get to convince the Council that they need to open an office in Edinburgh, I’d love to see you again

Hej do,


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