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Gentlemen Golfers Out on a Spree

I spent Sunday past in the Company of Alan Steel and his group of friends from America, specifically New England and we had a fine time in perfect weather again. The streets of the Old Town were much quiter after the Festival so the progress was quicker than it had been of late and we did a power of walking over a 6 hour period. The banter was good, the dicusssion was wide ranging, so a good time was had by all.

On Monday, I took Karl, a retired physician for a drive in my car around the Border country and again the weather was fine. Scott’s View and Melrose Abbey were looking good and we had wide ranging discussion about Freemasonry and the American Revolution.. We then went East to the lovely fishing port of Eyemouth and watched the grey seals in the harbour being fed by the tourists. I hadn’t realised the were so big.

In the course of the journey back up the coast of East Lothian, Karl revealed his history as a Naval physician in fact there was seemingly nothing he hadn’t turned his hand to and clearly he is still a very busy man. A walk around the Biarritz of the North, North Berwick to finally drop him at the Greywalls Hotel, Muirfield where his friends were enjoying a day on one of Scotlands finest Golf courses. A great day speny in the company of an interesting and very erudite man.

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