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The Girls From Atholl Crescent

I recently was asked By Queen Margaret University to volunteer to cconduct a tour of East Lothian for alumni. I don’t know what I was expecting,but I wasn’t expecting to be the youngest in the party instead of the oldest, as usual. Imagine my surprise when I discovered they were all elderly ladies who had all attended The School of Domestic Science (the Do School) in Atholl Crescent. We had a lovely buffet lunch, well you would expect nothing less in such a place ,a glass or two of wine and I was in the company of three charming young students. We then set off and covered part of the Saltire Trail and most of the Coastal trail on a beautiful Saturday afternoon.

A great time was had although a few were nodding off, possibly because of the wine. Its not the first time I’ve dallied with Atholl Crescent girls but they were much younger then, and so, of course was I.

Thanks for great company, girls, Bill

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