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Pints, Parisians and Pipers

I’ve been neglecting the blog lately preparing for the busy Summer months ahead,so if I want to keep things fresh, I’v got some prioritisation to do. Las evening I maet up with a group of French students from Ecole National Superieure Des Mines, led by my friend Lilian Bois-Simon. I met her last year when she brought another group. We got on well and It was good to be asked again. As usual, the kids were a credit to their School and to France. Well educated, knowledgeable and polite. The tour lasted until some of them were turning blue, this has been a very cold May, so we adjourned to a pub and I gave them a mini seminar on whisky. After everyone had had a taste of good single malt, washed down with a modest amount of local beer, I led them to the Grassmarket which is popular with young people at night. I hope you had a great time, mes enfants and haste ye back to Scotland.

Passing along the Waverley bridge this afternoon, I saw a piper I hadn’t seen before and he was very good. Lots of people were getting their pictures taken beside him and leaving without making a contribution. Come on folks, the musicians and street entertainers who contribute so much to the Edinburgh experience don’t get paid by the City Council, they’re trying to make a living! Slainthe, Bill.

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