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Loch Lomond and Bannockburn

Enjoy Bannockburn in Scotland

(From £70 per person.)

This is a tour with a foot in the Highlands and another in the Lowlands of Scotland. Stirling is often touted as the brooch which holds Scotland together. With the benefits of modern transport infrastructure we can cross North to South in any number of places between Erskine in the West and Queensferry in the East.

For most of Scotland’s history, however, whoever held Stirling dictated who controlled the Highlands. Such is why so many of the battles in Scotland’s Wars of Independence took place around the burgh.

  • Site of the Battle of Bannockburn
  • Quaint Callendar
  • Serene Loch Katrine
  • Loch Lomond – A song in itself

Tour Highlights

Chauffeured Tour

Child Friendly

Transfer Friendly

Relaxed Dining

This tour features battles, mountains, heroes, villains, doomed love and shaggy beasts. The itinerary allows for a full day tour, but visits can be shortened if you are short of time.

Bannockburn. If a Scot knows of one battle, this will be it. It resounds down through seven centuries of history and encapsulates for many the triumph of the underdog over insuperable odds. The newly redeveloped Visitors Centre is set to take home all the awards in its first year of opening.

For chocolate box charm, Callendar is hard to beat and if time allows, you might want to pick up a souvenir or two here, where you’ll find something a little more authentic and less crowded, perhaps, than you’d discover on Edinburgh’s High Street. We’ll also stop a little along the road at Kilmahog at the Trossachs Woollen Mill, where you can make the acquaintance of Hamish, an impressive Highland Bull, with his family.

Loch Katrine provides stunning, Highland views with opportunities for a Loch Cruise or for something of a hike up Ben A’an, but such pursuits take longer than we can spare on such a full day. We can nudge other things out of the way to make room if it’s one of your bucket list wishes, though: just say. We will certainly give you time to take in the scenery and get the perfect pictures.

The Forth Inn at Aberfoyle is one of my favourite places in Scotland. As a family we come here each year after selecting our Christmas tree at the Queen Elizabeth Forest Park. I can’t promise that Roastit Bubblyjock will be on the menu when we stop for lunch, but I can assure you of a warm Highland Welcome.
By way of Drymen, we come to famous Loch Lomond, perhaps the most iconic of Scotland’s great Lochs. Again, Loch cruises are available from Luss or from Balloch and we’ll do our best to fit in with your desires.

From Loch Lomond, we return to your residence. This is an ideal tour should you wish to move between Edinburgh and Glasgow, or indeed if you have a late flight out from Glasgow and want to make the most of your time.