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Chauffeured Tours

This is where Scotland opens up to you. Edinburgh is an incredibly walkable city and truly the best way to see it is on foot. But there are a wealth of options open to you on day trips away from the Capital, traveling to St Andrews, for instance, or enchanting Loch Lomond.

What about the Scottish Borders and Hadrian’s Wall? During the summer, even Loch Ness is up for grabs on a day excursion.

We can easily handle parties of up to seven in reasonable comfort. Beyond that, we’ll be looking to contract a mini coach to ensure your comfort. Don’t worry – we can handle all of that for you.

Multi-day trips are also available, although it is advisable to book early for these as the calendar fills up really rather quickly. Here, Scotland is truly yours to conquer and we can roam as far as your imagination will take you: over the sea to Skye; the majestic Highlands; Ayrshire, Galloway and the land of Burns; the Shetlands and Orkney islands – there truly is no limit.

Chauffeured Tours