Stanford brave the sleet

We love having an involvement with some of the world’s top providers of higher education and it’s great, each year, to provide tours for students visiting from Stanford University in sunny California. Quite why they always come in February is an unknown to me. Bill and I spent the last two days with this year’s tranche and, whilst yesterday was quite clement, today was something of a challenge for kids used to Palo Alto sunshine.

I’m pretty sure one or two had no concept of sleet, but it wasn’t just quite cold enough atop Calton Hill to summon down the real white stuff. The strength of Edinburgh’s natural beauty as well as its built heritage means that even on a challenging day, a bit of a climb is rewarded. A few were enthusiastic enough about the idea of climbing Arthur’s Seat in the afternoon. Being blessed with living in this great city, I can pick and choose my days for such exertion but I salute the endeavour of this intrepid band.

Wonderful to see engagement with young minds when you chime with them. Looking forward to meeting next year’s students already.

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We could not have envisioned a more perfect guide and host for our family adventure.

Susan, Charles, Willy and Emma Newirth
California, USA