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Friends From the Indian Sub Continent

A wonderful day yesterday with Seema, he sister and her 2 children from Mumbai. The weather was perfect for touring, cool in the morning and warm in the afternoon. They came in a hired car and Nick, the driver, was super to work with. We did a panoramic which included the high road round Arthur’s Seat and a visit to the castle. It was suppose to be a half day tour but we were enjoying ourselves so much,I stayed with them for the whole day. I took them round the Castle, we ha a super lunch in Kalpna as they were vegetarians, we went on to have ice cream in Lucas and finished the day with another trip round Arthur’s seat to sit in the sun and watch the bird life including the heron and some newly hatched cygnets. I was really sad to say goodbye to them and hope they will come back. Pictures will follow.

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