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A Morning with delightful German Students

I was out today with a group of German Students from the Main-Taunus -Schule in Hoffheim. They are in their last year before setting out for universities and theit own career paths. I have mentiooned before how much I love working with young people from mainland Europe and these young Germans didn’t disappoint me. Enthusiastic, intelligent, polite and respectful, but most of all having great English and a keen sense of humour. I asked one of the staff what the purpose of the trip was and it was partly to let them practice their English and be entertained. The staff were difficult to tell from the kids, such was the atmosphere so I tried to be at my most entertaining and we had lots of laughs.

One of the girls asked me if I spoke with my usual dialect or a modified version. I explained that if I spoke in the Hawick dialect even Edinburgh people wouldn’t be able to understand me. This prompted another of the girls to say that some Scottish boys were chatting them up the night before but they couldn’t understand them. So guys, if you were chatting up some pretty German girls last night. you have to adopt a more understandable way of speaking.

Thanks to Yasmin, the group leader, her colleagues and the wonderful kids for a very enjoyable morning. You are a credit to your school and your country.

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