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Far From The Green Hills Of Tyrol

Yesterday, I was with Karl and Maria, Hans and Gertrude, Willi and Helene, six jovial Austrians and what a time we had. We dodged the rain, although it was chilly in the North Easterly wind. Lots of pictures and a video were taken so expect to see them when I get them

During the course of the day, Karl told me that he had booked a weeks visit to Scotland through a one man tour company called Schottland Individuell. Karl asked about a guide in Edinburgh and was advised to get in touch with me. It turns out the guy who runs the company has been on a tour with me and was glowing in hes recommendation. It gave me a real warm feeling inside. Here’s a wee reminder, my friends of a great time together

What a lovely footnote to this story. I had a message from the tour company who put me in touch with the person who had recommended me to the Austrians. Check it out

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