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Enjoying his home town with a friend

My aim always is to get my friends to feel at the end of the tour that a friend has shared his home town with them and recently, that aim was achieved in spectacular fashion when in the company of Doug and his lovely wife, Daphne from El Paso, Texas.

Warmth, gentleness courtesy, grace, generosity and enthusiasm, they had all the qualities I have come to associate with all that is good in Americans. The tour progressed at a very slow pace with lots of stops to discuss points I’d raised, patiently waiting while I exchanged a few words with friends to whom Doug and Daphne were always introduced, giving directions and having my picture taken with visitors.

It really was like a day out with good friends and throwing in Cullen Skink at the Royal MacGregor and a farewell dram in the Guildford Arms. I was really able to show them my Edinburgh. Plus, it turned into a hugathon, which I always enjoy.

When the day was over and I’d directed them to the Tailend for the best fish and chips in town, it was indeed a bittersweet parting, but I don’t think this is the end of the story or our friendship. Come back soon dear friends.


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